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Master of Electrical Engineering (MTE) Sultan Agung Islamic University shares happiness with international students by providing Iftar to take home. The event that took place at the Industrial Technology Faculty (FTI) building was attended by five Libyan students who are currently studying at MTE UNISSULA. The event was also attended by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, M. Qomaruddin, who was also a lecturer at MTE along with several other lecturers. The event was conducted by implementing COVID-19 prevention protocols such as entering disinfectant chember before entering the building, wearing face masks, providing hand sanitizers, and avoiding physical contact such as shaking hands.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs with 5 Libyan Students and MTE Lecturers

The Vice Rector for Student Affairs, M. Qomaruddin, said that in an uncertain circumstances during COVID-19 pandemic, what must be most encouraged is caring, mutual support and mutual assistance. Moreover, entering the holy month of Ramadan as it is today, all must compete to do good to achieve the title of Taqwa before Allah Swt. “We conduct this event as a mean to share stories and care with international students,” he concluded. He also hopes that students will continue to learn optimally while continuing to pray to Allah Swt. so that the COVID-19 pandemic can soon pass.

The event which took place in a friendly atmosphere was one of UNISSULA’s efforts to monitor the well-being of their international students in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some other programs organized by UNISSULA during this crisis period include the distribution of basic foods, the granting of funds for the purchase of internet quotas, and distribution of medical equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers. During this holy month of Ramadan, UNISSULA also made a program of providing and delivering Iftar food for international students. This program is carried out every afternoon from Monday to Friday. This is intended to ease the burden of student expenses and reduce the frequency of them leaving the house to buy food to break their fast.

The event was ended with the distribution of Healthy Food Ingredients (BMS) to five international students. It is also hoped that this event will further establish a sense of kinship between international students and UNISSULA as their second home while studying in Indonesia.

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