Study Permit & VISA

As an international student planning to study within Indonesia territory you should apply for a visa after receiving a Letter of Acceptance from Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA). Please note that before applying for a visa, you have to get a study permit issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.


All international students are requested to apply STUDY PERMIT upon their acceptance at UNISSULA. This document will be used as one of the requirement to apply STUDENT VISA. Here are the requirements ;

1. Letter of Acceptance

2. High School Diploma

3. High School Academic Transcript

4. Identity Page of Passport

5. Recent Photo

6. Curriculum Vitae

7. Medical Check Up

8. Bank Statement download the example here -pdf-

Notes : the minimum amount of money in your account is USD 1500 / equal in your home currency.

9. Declaration letter download the template here -pdf-


International Students are only endorsed to use STUDENT VISA (Index C 316) to enter Indonesian Territory. This type of VISA can be obtained in Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General in Student’s home country.

Before applying student visa, International students have to contact the University/School to manage Pre-Application to the Immigration Headquarter in Jakarta to get Visa Approval. Once the Visa Approval is issued, International students are allowed to apply to the nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

Here are the requirements ;

1. Letter of STUDY PERMIT

2. Cover Page of Passport see the example here -pdf-

3. Identity Page of Passport

4. Bank Statement -pdf-

Notes :

– VISA Approval Fee : IDR 200.000

– 1 year student VISA : USD 105

– 2 (two) year student VISA : USD 270

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